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Considerations for Working from Home

I've been working from my home office for many years, but usually I am out to employers and clients at least 3 days/ week.  Now that I'll be working from home entirely for the next while, it's time to take my own ergonomic consulting advice.  Here are some tips for considerations if you are working from home too.   


1. Maintaining a work : life balance.   Managing work, time & task requirements for productivity and separating work from your non-work life is important. A few things that help me stay focused and shift  my mind are:

  • Create 'rituals'.  Humans are creatures of habit, and our habits are triggered by a complex web of our thoughts and environment. The act of logging out of your computer, saying goodbye to co-workers at the end of the workday, walking out the door or getting into your vehicle, taking the commute home (and what you do on that commute) are all routines and triggers that...
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Return To Work Programs and Resource


The Institute for Work and Health recently released an evidence based practical resource for assisting with the Return to Work process.

This quick 4 minute summary explains how workplaces can be prepared, and support their workers, and the process. 



Supporting Return to Work for Musculoskeletal and Mental Health

5 Things We Think You Should Know About RTW!

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