Assisting HR and Safety Professionals with workplace MSD Prevention and ergonomics programs. 

Consulting & Training
On-Site or Virtual

Consulting with your team or project management to ensure a successful and compliant Ergonomics program that meets MOL and WSIB standards. 

Assisting HR with Return to Work, Suitability Assessments & Job Coaching.

Training for JHSC, HS, HR, Engineers or Junior Ergonomists.

MSD & Injury
Prevention Programs

Having an up to date ergonomics program ensures efficiency, productivity and cost savings, from Engineering set ups to eliminate and minimize possible ergonomic hazards, to training employees on hazard awareness to prevent injuries.  


Knowing where potential ergonomic risks may be present is the first step to creating a safer and more efficient work environment. 

Office, manufacturing & industrial environments.

Physical Demands Analysis & worksite assessments also available.

Training Workshops and Seminars

Learn how to conduct your own ergonomic hazard assessments, Physical Demands Analysis, office ergonomics assessments, or create your own MSD Prevention program.  We provide training to do it yourself, or consulting to get you where you need to be. 

Workshops for introductory awareness, full training sessions for JHSC, Engineers, and HS professionals.   


Contact us today to set up a complimentary workplace ergonomic overview. We will compare your current ergonomics policies to the latest best practices for a gap analysis, identifying the next steps to a more productive and proactive injury prevention program. 

Workplace Warm Up and Movement Break Programs

Movement and posture training sessions that help workers improve their physical mobility, posture and cognitive function.

Movements with coordination and neuro-function focus to improve cognition and productivity in the workday. Industrial Workplace Warm Ups with dynamic stretches and postural ergonomics to help workers focus for the day, and warm up the body to prevent injuries during the workday.


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