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Kinetic Links; your corporate health, ergonomics and injury prevention experts!

Kinetic Links has been in operation since 2008, providing corporate training and consultation services to implement or improve MSD and Ergonomics programs.  Kinetic Links works with HS, HR, Engineers and Ergonomic Consultants to provide the latest ergonomics analysis and expertise from the latest research.  We can do it with you, for you, or providing training so companies can be more efficient in solving their own workplace problems.  

Our newest programs have been very successful in reducing injuries, improving worker moral and reducing absenteeism. This includes engaging workers from Day 1 to be more invested in their own health and injury prevention. Depending on the work environment, we teach them the potential ergonomic hazards they may face (in industrial and physical workplaces, or sedentary office demands).  Next; we teach them how to manage the things they can manage, including their own postures, movements and how to prevent injuries from occurring.  

The best results have been achieved when companies follow this up with our daily movement program (Workplace Warm Up or Office Movement Breaks) to really imprint the learning of optimal postures that overlap to regular life activities of daily living and a general improvement in quality of life. 

What's different about our programs?  Instead of simply regurgitating what we have been telling workers for the last 25 years, how to lift properly, keep your back straight, use your legs, take breaks to avoid sitting all day, we actually have them practice these skills, movements and teach strategies to create new movement patterns, improve their posture (all the time, not just at work!) and create daily practices so the information sticks!  Change can be easy when the strategies provided work!

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