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Office Movement & Stretch Breaks

The research continues to show that sitting for prolonged periods is detrimental to our health and linked to many lifestyle related diseases.  Recent Professional Ergonomic recommendations suggest periods of sitting from 20 - 60 minutes maximum before standing and moving to give the body a break! 

The Canadian Society of Exercise Physiology recommends 150 minutes/ week of moderate intensity activity for the bare minimum benefits to health.  By providing these 5-7 minute movement breaks daily,  you can help employees meet part of this goal!   Breaks from the computer are also beneficial to the eyes, and productivity as it's difficult to stay focused on a task for longer than 50 minutes.   

This program will provide you everything you need to encourage your workers to take regular breaks, teach them optimal postures and provide movement and stretches to limber their joints, increase circulation, and prevent the aches and pains associated with prolonged sitting! 

Each of the 8 segments has a 5-7 minute movement video, as well as a PDF printout so that they can move through the exercises on their own if they choose, or take it with them for a movement break out of the office too!

If you have a workplace Champion to kick this off, we can provide a Leader's Guide and help implement your movement breaks for a value added component to your company's MSD Prevention Program.  Studies show that engaged employees have fewer injuries! 

Created by our team of Registered Kinesiologists, Certified Exercise Physiologist, Certified and Associate Ergonomists, these are designed for most anyone to be successful!  With the office environment in mind, a small space of 1m x 1m is all you need!  No equipment necessary!

Each month a new video will be provided, with a total of 8 videos, each with different stretches and movements.  



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